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Top 102 Clothing Brands- eBay

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Here we present you with an app showcasing 102 clothing brands that sell on eBay! We have designed and developed this app around the idea of bringing you information quickly and conveniently from the comfort of your smartphone. This way, you have access to this information without needing any sort of wireless connection (Wifi/cellular data) . Use this app in any Goodwill, thrift/second-hand shop, garage/yard sale, or anywhere else really, and it will serve as a guide to show you the right clothing brands to buy for resale.Key features:
✔ This app can be operated without any sort of Wifi or cellular data connection.
✔ A nice swipe through alphabetically ordered tab interface.
✔ 102 clothing brands that tell you what to buy, what to definitely buy, what to avoid, and the resale value.
✔ A few tips to get you started.
Please email for any recommendations.
Happy Thrifting!
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